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IMPORTANT: Projects listed below are not endorsed or verified by HowRare.is. Always make sure to do your own research before investing. Use a "burner" wallet for all the Mints (some Mints might be created by bad actors).

March 28th
project count price time/till mint about
3333 2 SOL 13:00 UTC / 1 hour 15 minutes

Lonfo is a state of mind. A cartoon character, an Italian clothing brand, children's books.

5000 WL 2.5 Sol / Public 3 Sol SOL 18:00 UTC / 6 hours 15 minutes

Bringing long-term sustainability and accountability back to NFTs brought together by a range of innovative utility: AI and DAO Tooling, Educational Courses, Tangible Asset Backing, Project Revival/Incubator, Future Web 2 Business Integration. With some of the best AI art on Solana, Buddles puts an emphasis on creating a solid foundation on which we can grow and excel far into the future.No Greed. No BS. No Brainier Join the revolution Buddles collectiton drop picture

March 29th
project count price time/till mint about
Moai Madness Legion
5555 2 SOL No time specified yet. /

Innovating Web3 with merchandise for a decentralized future.

March 31st
project count price time/till mint about
Money Monsters
444 OG Free - Wl 0.1 - Public 0.2 SOL 23:00 UTC

A community owned #NFT collection on #Solana. 100% royalties added to community staking wallet... Stake NOW to earn $BUX

April 20th
project count price time/till mint about
RIGLAN: Protectors of the StoryVerse
1001 3 SOL 02:00 UTC

Imagine if you could buy an eBook that you could then resell, just like we do with physical books. At Soltype, you can do that. With the use of Solana blockchain and NFT technology, we have built the infrastructure for you to truly own your eBooks and treat them as an investment. If you are prepared to collect unique eBooks from limited editions and well known authors, Soltype is just for you.eBook NFTs = NFTs with real utility. Collect limited editions and unseen eBook NFTs, Unlock their unique encrypted content and read them on Soltype, Trade them on Magic Eden. Riglan is the first eBook NFT collection released by Soltype. A coming-of-age story by written by award winning Marvel author B. Earl about a young boy who discovers his dad isn’t just the projectionist at the family movie theater in their small town of Shady Maple.Collect RIGLAN and unlock the story written by award winning Marvel writer, B.Earl.

No date specified yet
project count price time/till mint about
No time specified yet.

Occasional auctions, no set date for now

5500 1 SOL No time specified yet.

ProLeague.gg is fostering the growth of the next generation of Esport professionals by offering an engaging platform that uses blockchain, NFTs, and our own unique cryptocurrency to reward and incentivize competitive play.

Rogue Star
10000 $150 or equivalent in Sol No time specified yet.

Rogue Star is the playable action packed Sci-Fi MMORPG with a player focused economy.

Adopted Gorillas Club
8888 2 SOL No time specified yet.

Apes PFPs are everywhere, but you won't find one like us. Adopted Gorillas Club (AGC) represents the story of 8888 individuals who went to the US, Europe, Asia, etc., to join people, earn some crypto and send part of the earnings back to their families in the Jungle. This is why AGC officially supports BornFreeFoundation. Check the utilities on our website. Get Whitelisted.

TBA SOL No time specified yet.

Region79 is a gaming design & production studio, focused on building innovative web3-based gaming content and experiences and creating the most accessible gamified NFT experience

Nestcluster by Nestercity
888 No time specified yet.

NFT with mesmerizing metaverse embedded utility created by real architects. Launch on APRIL 2023